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  I live to create! From childhood on, I was always creating some new work of art. In my elementary school years I would comb the beaches of Southern California collecting marine life, taking these objects and creating underwater scenes set in plaster with a night light, an early form of assemblage art. I sold these to the tourist that visited the beaches near our home.

We share this planet with so many interesting and fascinating other species. The beauty of the nature awes me. I am constantly looking at my environment and the things that surround me. The art that I create reminds me how beautiful and wonderful the world we live in is. I try to create a replica or capture an image of what I see in nature with authentic and accurate representation looking for that one fleeting moment that depicts the inner most nature of the creatures I am sculpting. My photography is a great way to share my fortunate world wide travel experiences. I try and capture those scenes that illustrate the awesome spirit of Mother Nature at her finest or the beauty we have built around us. These are often scenes that normally go unnoticed as we hurry and struggle through our lives.

Sculpture presents a remarkable opportunity: It is like taking hundreds of remembered images and crafting them into a piece that depicts the true nature of what I am trying to sculpt. I create my sculptures with a 360 degree view; I want it to be a new experience from all angles. It is a great opportunity to share with others the fantastic things I have seen and how I have seen them in my own mind. I want my work to educate and open up the mind of the breath taking experiences of life.



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