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    John Stewart is a fifth generation Californian. As a child he was always creating things whether it was from his Erector Set or Christmas decorations he was always in touch with his creative side. During these formative years his parents gave him a Brownie camera which also allowed him to express himself. In college at Oregon State University he minored in art and tried to find where his interests in art really laid. Uncle Sam, however, had other plans for him and the pursuit for his artistic calling channeled in another direction when the Navy sent him to many exotic ports of call where he could hone his photographic skills. The delay continued as john raised a family and finished his college education with a degree in Business Administration. During his young adult years his creative energy was expressed in the form of remodeling old homes. Of course the houses were always decorated with photographs of friends, family and vacations. It wasnít until 1996 when John was working as a consultant in Santa Fe, New Mexico that he started sculpting to pass the evening hours. That is when he found his true passion and in 2007 he decided to switch from a 20 year career in IT; sculpting and photography became his full time profession.

An avid scuba diver and naturalist, Johnís love for photography has provided him with a forum to capture the image of animals which he uses in his sculptures. Photographing the forms and colors of nature is his primary photographic focus. His love of animal and marine life has led him to sculpture as a way of sharing the wonder of nature with others. These wonderful bronzes seem to be moments of real animal life frozen in time, reminding one of both the power and the fragility of nature in these carefully crafted creations.

John lives in the home he grew up in Newport Beach, California with his wife Nova. He sculpts in his home studio with a view of Newport Harbor often listening to the barks of local sea lions in the bay.


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